Aviva and Vitality head the pack for best UK digital user experience

Aviva and Vitality head the pack for best UK digital user experience

A study by UserZoom has revealed that Aviva and Vitality rank highest for digital user experience amongst prospective UK life insurance customers.

Circle Rehabilitation – Phillip’s Story

The team at Circle Rehabilitation have provided Phillip with a bespoke treatment plan to help improve his strength, mobility and muscle balance.

Moratorium or Full Medical Underwriting options

In this video, I will explain the difference between Moratorium and Full Medical Underwriting. How it will affect your policy and what are the downsides of each type of underwriting.

Health Insurance Awards Winner 2010 Phil Wilcock

David Sawers talks to Phil Wilcock, managing director, Aviva UK Health Winner of Best Group PMI Provider, Best Occupational Health Provider, Health Insurance Company of the Year and Highly Commended for Best Use of e-Business, Best Use of Marketing to Intermediaries, Most Innovative New Product Launched by a Provider

Is Vitality the Best for UK Health Insurance?

Did you know that there are apps that pay you to exercise and get fit? In today’s video, we go over what Vitality is, what are the benefits of using Vitality, how to get your Vitality reward points and more!

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